9 Unique Resorts in Finnish Lapland to view the Northern Lights

Dreaming of spending the night in a traditional Finnish log cabin, a luxurious Aurora Glass Igloo, or within the enchanting walls of a Snowhotel? Finnish Lapland is the place to go for a magical winter holiday. With some of the cleanest air in the world, many areas with little or no light pollution and lots of unique accommodation, you have great chances of spotting the Northern Lights.

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Lisa Jörgensen Cooke

Lisa is our Finland expert. If you ask her, Finnish Lapland is the best place to go for a magical winter holiday.

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When is best time to see Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland?

It is said that Finland is one of the best places on Earth to spot the Northern Lights - they appear on more than 200 nights a year in Finnish Lapland. To maximize your chances of witnessing this celestial dance, plan your visit between October and March. Finnish Lapland emerges as a top-tier destination for Northern Lights enthusiasts, offering a captivating display that can last for just a few minutes or extend throughout the entire evening. 


Our eight favourite places to stay in Finnish Lapland:

Below is our carefully curated selection of eight favourite places to witness the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland. 


1. Apukka Resort in Rovaniemi

Aurora Cabin glass igloo in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi Lapland Finland (1).jpg
Image by Apukka Resort


Nearest airport: Rovaniemi (ROV)

Perfect for: Families, Couples, Christmas & Festive

Tours including Apukka Resort: Rovaniemi Northern Lights Adventure  I Christmas Magic under the Aurora  I Helsinki, Northern Lights & Icebreaker


Imagine this: you're snuggled up in bed, watching the Northern Lights dance across the night sky through the glass roof of your comfy Aurora Cabin. If that sounds like your dream getaway, Apukka Resort is your perfect destination.

Nestled right on the Arctic Circle, between two lakes near Rovaniemi, Apukka Resort is a hidden gem in the taiga forest—making it an ideal spot to catch the Northern Lights. 

Whether you choose the culturally inspired Kammi Glass Igloo Suite with its rooftop bed under a heated glass roof, or the classic Aurora Cabin—a charming glass-roofed igloo—each option at Apukka Resort provides a cosy setting to witness the beauty of the Northern Lights.

Escape to Apukka Resort for a blend of nature's spectacle and modern comfort. It's not just a getaway; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of the Arctic Circle, creating unforgettable memories beneath the dancing Northern Lights. 


2. Wilderness Hotel Muotka in Saariselkä

Photo by Wilderness Hotel Muotka
Photo by Wilderness Hotel Muotka


Nearest airport: Ivalo (IVL)

Perfect for: Honeymooners, Nature Lovers, Winter Adventurers

Tours including Wilderness Hotel Muotka: Muotka Northern Lights & Wilderness Break  I Muotka Arctic Experience


If you're seeking an intimate resort with a touch of luxury, look no further than the family-owned Wilderness Hotel Muotka. To reach this hidden gem, embark on a short yet truly enchanting road trip along a narrow, winding road through the dense forest. At Muotka, you'll find yourself in cosy panorama log cabins or charming Aurora cabins, surrounded by a wealth of nature-based winter activities just outside your door. Muotka seamlessly blends traditional wilderness charm with an elegant touch. This destination beckons you to kick off your shoes and settle onto the couch in front of the fireplace—it's just that invitingly cosy. 

And when it comes to winter adventures, Muotka offers a plethora of activities, from exhilarating husky sleigh rides and enchanting reindeer safaris to the thrill of snowshoeing through the pristine, snow-covered landscapes. Immerse yourself in the wonders of winter at Wilderness Hotel Muotka, where each day brings new opportunities to explore and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings.


3. Vaattunki Wilderness Resort in Rovaniemi

Image by Vaattunki Wilderness Resort


Nearest airport: Rovaniemi (ROV)

Perfect for: Nature Lovers, The Relaxation Traveller

Tours including Vaattunki Wilderness Resort: Helsinki & Rovaniemi Wilderness Lodge


The Vaattunki Wilderness Resort is the perfect destination if you’re looking for peaceful accommodation in the Rovaniemi area. With its location right next to the river Raudanjoki and in the middle of the pine forest, the resort is the place to enjoy pure arctic nature in silence. Their Panorama huts are made from local pine wood and with a full-size window, you get as close to nature as possible from the comfort of being inside a warm room.

In winter it is a great place to look out for the Northern Lights and participate in winter activities. Meet the Arctic animals and explore the snowy landscapes on a dog or reindeer sledging trip. It is a wonderful experience to get up close with your favourite arctic animal. Don’t forget that the best way to end a day well spent outdoors is to step into the Finnish sauna.  


4. Wilderness Hotel Inari in Inari

Image by Wilderness Hotel Inari


Nearest airport: Ivalo Airport (IVL)

Perfect for: Families, Nature Lovers, Winter Adventurers

Tours including Wilderness Resort Inari: Inari Northern Lights & Wilderness Break  I Arctic Highlights of Inari


Far above the Arctic Circle just outside the small Sámi town of Inari, you find the beautiful wilderness resort Wilderness Hotel Inari. The resort is located next to the Lappish Lake Inari and offers accommodation in glass-roofed aurora cabins, rustic wilderness rooms or log cabins with a décor focusing on comfort inspired by the wilderness surroundings. It is the perfect spot for outdoor activities and Northern Lights chasing.

The onsite restaurant offers Lappish cuisine in a cosy atmosphere with views over the frozen lake. In the bar, you can try a variety of wines and unique cocktails. A must-try is the Husky Howling, Reindeer Kick or Brown Bear’s Kiss! And, treat yourself to one of their cinnamon buns, it is the best bun we have ever tried.


 5. Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi

Aurora photo 1..jpg
Image by Santa Claus Holiday Village


Nearest airport: Rovaniemi (ROV)

Perfect for: Families, Christmas & Festive

Tours including Santa Claus Holiday Village: Rovaniemi Santa Claus Adventure  I Levi & Rovaniemi Winter Adventure


If you're dreaming of a winter escape that feels like stepping into a Christmas card, the Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi is where your fantasy becomes reality. Imagine a place where the festive spirit lasts all year round, nestled right on the Arctic Circle's doorstep. Your journey here isn't just a trip; it's an adventure into a land where the magic of Christmas is alive in every snowflake and jingle bell.

Picture waking up in a snug, warmly lit room, stepping outside, and finding yourself in a wonderland where Santa might round the corner at any moment. But it's not just about the festive atmosphere. This place is a gateway to unforgettable Arctic experiences. Whether you're mushing through the forest with a team of huskies, sharing a moment with reindeer, or watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky, the holiday village brings you the essence of Lapland in an incredibly special way.


6. Arctic Snowhotel & Glass Igloos in Sinettä, Rovaniemi

Image by Arctic Snowhotel & Glass Igloos


Nearest airport: Rovaniemi (ROV)

Perfect for: Adventurers, Families, Christmas & Festive

Tours including Arctic Snowhotel & Glass Igloos: Arctic SnowHotel, Glass Igloo & Northern Lights


If you're yearning for an Arctic escape that seamlessly combines unique accommodations with a touch of Arctic wilderness, look no further than the Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos in Rovaniemi. The journey to this winter wonderland is an adventure in itself, winding through the Arctic landscapes and setting the stage for the magical experience that awaits. Nestled in the Lappish forest, this unique destination offers cosy glass igloos that allow you to witness the dancing Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed.

For those seeking an even more extraordinary experience, the Arctic SnowHotel provides an icy retreat with intricately sculpted rooms and beds carved from ice and snow. Imagine unwinding in a frosty haven while marvelling at the beauty of the Arctic surroundings. With a perfect blend of Arctic charm and modern comfort, the Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos promise an unforgettable escape into the captivating winter landscapes of Rovaniemi.


 7. Wilderness Hotel Nangu in Inari

Lake Inari Aurora Hut 1_small.jpg
Stay overnight in an Aurora Hut on Lake Inari. Image by WIlderness Hotel Nangu.


Nearest airport: Ivalo (IVL)

Perfect for: Couples, Honeymooners, Winter Lovers

Tours including Wilderness Hotel Nangu: Romantic Lapland


For a captivating Arctic retreat that seamlessly blends comfort and wilderness charm, Wilderness Hotel Nangu is your ideal destination. Tucked away in the tranquility near Lake Inari, Wilderness Hotel Nangu offers comfortable cabins and exclusive Aurora cabins, providing a front-row seat to the celestial dance of the Northern Lights.

As you step into this Arctic sanctuary, you're welcomed by an ambiance of warmth and rustic elegance. For those seeking a truly immersive experience, the hotel's winter activities include everything from invigorating ice fishing on Lake Inari to exhilarating snowmobile safaris through the snow-covered wilderness. With Wilderness Hotel Nangu, your Arctic adventure is not just an escape; it's an opportunity to unwind amidst nature's wonders while indulging in modern comforts. Discover the allure of this Arctic haven, where each day presents new opportunities to explore and savour the beauty of the surrounding winter landscapes.


8. Harriniva Adventure Resort in Muonio

9808 - Harriniva Hotels & Safaris - Northern Lights and snowshoeing _DSC4468 SMALL.jpg
Image by Harriniva Hotels


Nearest airport: Kittilä (KTT)

Perfect for: Couples, Adventurers, Honeymooners, Winter Lovers

Tours including Harriniva Adventure Resort: Snowmobile & Dog Sledding Adventure  I  Lapland Northern Lights Weekend  I  Lapland Winter Adventure


Escape to the winter wonderland of Muonio and experience the perfect blend of adventure and comfort at Harriniva Adventure Resort. Your journey to this Arctic retreat is a scenic expedition through the captivating Lapland landscapes, unveiling the promise of extraordinary moments. Situated near the picturesque Muonio River, the resort offers a diverse range of accommodations, from wilderness cabins to hotel rooms and exclusive Aurora View Rooms.

Picture yourself gazing at the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky from the warmth of your room or stepping outside to embrace the magical spectacle. Harriniva Adventure Resort caters to every winter enthusiast with an array of thrilling activities, including dog sledding, snowmobiling, and the tranquility of cross-country skiing amidst the pristine snow-covered wilderness. In this Arctic haven, adventure seamlessly intertwines with comfort, creating an unparalleled experience where each day brings new opportunities to explore and revel in the beauty of Lapland's winter wonders. 


 9. Northern Lights Village in Saariselkä

Northern LIghts Village Saariselkä.jpg
Image by Northern Lights Village in Saariselkä


Nearest airport: Ivalo (IVL)

Perfect for: Families, Couples, Winter Adventurers

Tours including Northern Lights Village: Kirkenes & Finnish Lapland  I  Finnish Lapland, Hurtigruten & Fjords  I  Winter Finland, Ice Hotel & Hurtigruten


The Northern Lights Village is located in Saariselkä, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. The resort lies in the middle of magnificent fell scenery by Urho Kekkonen National Park - the largest national park in Finland.

Nestled in a tranquil setting away from any light pollution the Aurora Cabins offer an enchanting way to embrace the winter night sky and witness the Northern Lights from the comfort of a cosy bed. The glass roof, heated with lasers, reveals the northern sky directly above, surrounded by untouched fells and forests. 

The resort has its own reindeer paddock, providing an opportunity to observe and interact with these inquisitive creatures. Various activities are available, including sauna sessions, snowmobile and husky safaris, Northern Light hunting excursions, cross-country skiing, and snowshoe hiking.


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By Lisa J. Cooke & Natacha Müller / Nov 08 2021

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