Travel through Sweden by Train: A Must-do Swedish Experience

Travelling by train has become increasingly popular among people who wish to slow down and escape the sometimes-hectic everyday life. Trains are a good way to get around, especially in Scandinavia. It is convenient as train stations are often centrally located and it is an eco-friendly alternative to flying.

SJ Nattåg i skymningsljussolnedgång - Photo Mikael Strinnhed - Klassresa 6 Dh-004974

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Unforgettable views - from Kiruna to Narvik by day train

From Kiruna, where did your journey take your next?

From Kiruna I took the train towards Narvik. On this stretch you pass by Abisko, one of the most popular national parks in Sweden. It is said that Abisko is one the best place to see the Northern Light and I am sure that is true; I have been there three times and saw the most fantastic Northern Lights all three times. I can recommend visiting the Aurora Sky Station.

The stretch from Abisko to Narvik is the most scenic railway journey I have ever experienced. When you cross the border at Riksgränsen the view from your window changes dramatically. Coming from the wild Swedish mountains the stunning Norwegian Fjords makes quite an impression. This is a view I will never forget!


When to travel by train in Sweden

We, at Authentic Scandinavia, believe all seasons are equally good for travelling by train in Sweden. In the dark winters you will experience purple and pink skies. In spring, sunshine and singing birds are celebrated and in summer the Swedish nature is wild with its mountains, trees, lakes and animals. If you are lucky you might even spot a moose from your window seat. In autumn the nature is transformed into a magical plethora of red and gold colours.


By Josefine, Authentic Scandinavia / Nov 08 2021

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