Three magical cities in Norway

Join our travellers Renate & Gerhard on their trip to their three magical cities in Norway; Oslo, Bergen & Trondheim. They travelled on our Fjords & Hurtigruten tour in August. Read their travel story in their own words. 

Magic Ice Bar in Bergen

Renate & Gerhard

From an icy fairytale in Bergen to artistic exploration in Oslo and musical discoveries in Trondheim - Norway continues to surprise and delight Renate & Gerhard. 

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Bergen: A Winter Wonderland in Summer

Imagine stepping into a world of ice in August! That's exactly what happened to us in Bergen. We found ourselves in the Magic Ice Bar, surrounded by ice sculptures and lights mimicking the Northern Lights, all while sipping warm drinks from an ice bar. It felt like a fairytale. Wrapped in thermal coats (thankfully provided), we embraced the cold and enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere. The next day, we saw a different side of Bergen from the Fløyen viewpoint, contrasting the icy experience with the city's colourful life and nature.


Ice Bar
The Magic Ice Bar in Bergen. Photo: Renate & Gerhard, Authentic Scandinavian travellers.


Oslo: A Feast for Art and Food Lovers

Oslo surprised us with its beautiful blend of art, architecture, and cuisine. The opera house and its walkable roof offered stunning city views, while the Edvard Munch Museum provided a deep dive into the artist's work. The sculptures of the Vigeland Sculpture Park were intriguing, but the real treat came with the diverse flavours at Oslo Street Food. From Indian to Argentinean, the choices were endless, and the atmosphere was buzzing with a mix of locals and tourists. Our adventure continued at Henie Onstad art museum, where we were mesmerized by the Hymn of Life installation, a world of colours and reflections that played tricks on our eyes. It was a visit filled with visual wonders and delicious bites.


Henie Onstad art museum. Photo: Renate & Gerhard, Authentic Scandinavian travellers.


Trondheim: The Sound of Norway

Trondheim's charm was undeniable, especially when we stumbled upon Rockheim, a museum dedicated to Norwegian music history. Inside, we explored decades of music through interactive exhibits and even got creative in a recording studio. Our journey through Norwegian music history was both educational and fun. The day ended perfectly in Bakklandet, where we found "Den Gode Nabo," a cozy pub by the water. There, we shared stories with locals, learning about life in Norway over drinks on a wooden terrace that stretched into the river. It was the perfect end to our day in Trondheim.


Rockheim Museum in Trondheim. Photo: Renate & Gerhard, Authentic Scandinavian travellers.


Looking Ahead: Tromsø in Winter

Inspired by our experiences, we're already planning our next Norwegian adventure to Tromsø with Authentic Scandinavia. We're especially excited about visiting another Magic Ice Bar and experiencing New Year's Eve in the far north. Our journey through Bergen, Oslo, and Trondheim has only deepened our love for Norway, and we can't wait to see what Tromsø has in store for us.

Each city brought us into a different world, from icy enchantment in Bergen to artistic exploration in Oslo and musical discoveries in Trondheim. Norway continues to surprise and delight us, promising more adventures and magical moments ahead.

By Renate & Gerhard, edited by Natacha Müller / Feb 21 2024

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