An Arctic Cruise around Svalbard: Set Your Inner Explorer Free

With its remote location – Svalbard makes a perfect place to get away from busy schedules and all the responsibilities of daily life. A great way to experience this remote place is to go on an Arctic expedition cruise.

Study trip on MS Nordstjernen- Franck Vogt (edited 2)

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Arctic summers and polar bear spotting


Do you need any special clothing?

It does not get very warm in the Arctic, and even though I travelled in August we had to dress in warm clothes. I would recommend dressing in layers and the outer layer should be wind and waterproof. I would also recommend Gore-Tex hiking boots. If you are a true Viking and want to take a dip in the Arctic ocean – remember to bring your swimwear.


Did you spot a polar bear?

Yes! We actually saw 3! The first one we spotted was close to the Smeerenburg glacier on day 2 of the cruise. On our last day, we spotted a mother bear and her cub from the airport (they were on the other side of the fjord).


Do you have any advice for people considering an expedition cruise?

This is not a luxury cruise in any way – go with the intent of exploring a remote region and learning about life in the Arctic both past and present. Take in the fresh air and enjoy the elements. Make sure to bring warm clothes.  


Would you go again?

Absolutely! Next time I will bring my son. 



By Josefine Lorange / Nov 08 2021

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