A culinary journey through Scandinavia

Join our travellers Sai & Yoganathan as they recount their culinary journey through Scandinavia, including Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen and the Norwegian fjords. They travelled on our Nordic Capitals and Fjords tour in August. Read their travel story in their own words.

Travellers in Helsinki

Sai & Yoganathan

Sai and Yoganathan headed on an extensive exploration of Scandinavia. Their love for food led them on this adventure, as they sought out culinary treasures.

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A truly remarkable journey is not just about the destination but also the people and organisations that help make it a reality. In our case, we owe a significant debt of gratitude to Authentic Scandinavia, a trusted travel organiser. Jessica Luster and Trude Sivertsen from Authentic Scandinavia played a crucial role in making our trip the best we've ever had. Their patience and willingness to answer all my questions and guide us every step of the way made the planning process smooth and stress-free. Their expertise elevated our journey to new heights, ensuring we could focus on the experience rather than the logistics.


Our culinary highlights

For anyone who loves food, Scandinavia is a treasure trove. We were excited to try everything from pastries and coffee to fancy dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants. Highlights included Buka Bakery, Laundromat Cafe, and Jonos for their amazing pastries. The dinners at Jordnær and Maaemo were unforgettable, thanks to the great food and warm welcome from the chefs and their teams. At Gron Restaurant in Helsinki, we were amazed by their focus on vegetables and got to try cloudberries for the first time. This trip might even inspire my next cookbook, following "A Kitchen Well Travelled," which shared recipes and stories from my previous travels.


Culinary highlights on the trip included cloudberries
Culinary highlights on the trip included cloudberries. Photo: Sai, Authentic Scandinavian traveller
Fantastic presentation
The fantastic presentation of some of the dishes we got served. Photo: Sai, Authentic Scandinavian traveller.




Copenhagen is a city that mixes old charm with new ideas. We loved Tivoli Gardens and even got to see fantastic fireworks there at night. The city was also full of life during the Pride festival. It's a place that makes you feel welcome and excited to explore.


Tivoli Park & The Little Mermaid: Must-sees in Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens & The Little Mermaid: Two must-sees in Copenhagen. Photo: Sai, Authentic Scandinavian traveller.



Bergen is full of history, especially around Bryggen Wharf. The wooden buildings are beautiful, and we even found some great art to bring home. The Fish and Flower Market and the views from Mount Fløyen were other highlights.


The Market in Bergen
The Fish Market in Bergen. Photo: Sai, Authentic Scandinavian traveller.


Flåm & The Flåm Railway

Riding the Flam Railway in Norway was a dream come true, and the reason why we booked this trip. The scenery, with mountains and fjords, was breathtaking. It felt a bit like being back in New Zealand's South Island but in Scandinavia. This railway journey is a must-do for anyone visiting Norway.


Beautiful weather in Flåm with a view of the fjord
Beautiful weather in Flåm with a view of the fjord. Photo: Sai, Authentic Scandinavian traveller.



Oslo impressed us with its modern architecture and art. The Vigeland Sculpture Park was especially fascinating. It's a city that shows off the creativity of Scandinavia.


Beautiful Oslo
Vigelandsparken and a statue by the Oslo Opera House. Photo: Sai, Authentic Scandinavian traveller.



Stockholm is a beautiful city with old streets and great museums. Walking around Gamla Stan (Old Town) feels like stepping back in time. The Vasa Museum and City Hall are also worth a visit. Stockholm has a unique charm that's hard to forget.


Stockholm's charming corners
Stockholm's charming corners. Photo: Sai, Authentic Scandinavian traveller.



Early mornings in Helsinki, with coffee in hand, were peaceful and lovely. The city has a calming atmosphere. Taking a boat to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and visiting the Rock Church were some of the best parts of our visit to Finland.


Helsinki's main attraction
The famous Helsinki Cathedral. Photo: Sai, Authentic Scandinavian traveller.


We'll be back!

Our trip through Scandinavia was an adventure in every sense. It was not just about seeing new places but also about tasting amazing food and experiencing the culture. These memories make us want to go back and explore even more. If you're thinking about where to go on your next trip, Scandinavia should definitely be on your list!


Onto new adventures
Onto more Scandinavian adventures! Photo: Sai, Authentic Scandinavian traveller.


By Sai & Yoganathan, edited by Natacha Müller / Feb 21 2024

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