Our 9-Day Norway Fjord Adventure

Join our travellers Rachel & Elias on their nine day Norwegian Fjord adventure, including Oslo, Flåm and Bergen. They travelled on our Discover Fjord Norway tour in August. Read their travel story in their own words:


Rachel & Elias

Their trip through Norway’s fjords was a mix of natural beauty, historical insights, and cozy spots in bustling cities. It was a journey that showed them the stunning landscapes Norway has to offer, as well as the rich history and vibrant culture of its cities. 

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Days 1-4: Oslo

Oslo grabbed our attention right from the start. It’s a city that’s always changing, filled with amazing museums, galleries, and an opera house that’s just as impressive inside as it is outside. We took a guided tour of the opera house and got a behind-the-scenes look at how performances come to life. We also visited Akershus Fortress to learn about Oslo and Norway’s history, including how the black death shaped the country.


Grünerløkka and the Akershus Fortress in Oslo
Grünerløkka and the Akershus Fortress in Oslo. Photo: Rachel & Elias, Authentic Scandinavian travellers.


Exploring the city, we headed up the Akerselva river to Grünerløkka, where we found some great coffee shops, boutiques, and bars. Tim Wendelboe served up some excellent coffee, and Ostebutikken had delicious mussels and fries. We also enjoyed the summer weather by taking a ferry through the Oslo Fjord to Gressholmen and Hovedøya islands, where we swam in the fjord and relaxed at Klosterkroa café.


Hovedøya and the Klosterkroa Cafe. Photo: Rachel & Elias, Authentic Scandinavian travellers.


Day 5: Oslo to Flåm

On the fifth day, we caught a train to Myrdal and then boarded the Flåm Railway, which was a highlight with its stunning views of cliffs, waterfalls, and fjords. We stopped at the Kjosfossen waterfall for a close-up with Huldra, the forest spirit. In Flåm, we stayed at Heimly Pensjonat and explored the old town and its 17th-century church.


The journey to Flåm
The journey to Flåm. Photo: Rachel & Elias, Authentic Scandinavian travellers.


Day 6: Flåm to Bergen

The boat cruise through Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord offered incredible views and a glimpse into the lives of the communities that have lived in these valleys for thousands of years. Although Stalheim Hotel was fully booked, we managed to visit and enjoy its views and vintage decor during a bus stop.


From Flåm to Bergen
From Flåm to Bergen. Photo: Rachel & Elias, Authentic Scandinavian travellers.


Days 7-9: Bergen

In Bergen, we took a guided tour of Bryggen’s museum, the old German quarters, the Hanseatic museum, and the wine cellars to learn about Bergen’s role in Europe’s history and global commerce. We also visited St. Jørgen's Hospital to understand its history and the early science of leprosy, which felt particularly relevant considering recent news.


Bryggen Wharf in Bergen
Bryggen Wharf in Bergen. Photo: Rachel & Elias, Authentic Scandinavian travellers.


By Rachel & Elias, edited by Natacha Müller / Feb 21 2024

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