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How to Travel the Norwegian Fjords by Train or Car

It is easy to get around in Norway. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the Norwegian fjords is to travel independently through the fjords. You can take a scenic train journey or explore the fjords by car.

Trollstigen in Norway in June - Jessica

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One of those places is Vatnahalsen, located along the famous Flåm Railway and only accessible by train. It is possible to stay there overnight, surrounded by mountains, before continuing the journey the next morning. I like to stop here, breath in the fresh mountain air and enjoy a chat with the owner of this family-owned hotel. It is a great spot to stay “away from the crowds”.


Furthermore, when you do independent travel, you can decide how much time you wish to spend in each destination by choosing the best suitable departure times beforehand.


Driving around the fjord region in Norway
Driving around the fjord region in Norway. Photo: Jessica Luster

Explore the Norwegian fjords by car


Another way is to travel the fjord region by car. I can recommend this type of traveling during late spring, summer and autumn, as the roads are free of snow and ice. A self-drive tour allows you to travel from destination to destination while stopping at the most famous sights along the way. This type of travel also enables you to cover great distances and visit many of the most famous fjords in Norway. The great advantage is that you can decide yourselves where to stop and which sights you wish to visit.


It is easy, enjoyable and gives you the feeling of a total freedom.


Driving through the fjords of Norway is an adventure and you should be prepared for narrow roads and steep inclines. I enjoyed travelling through the fjords by car and will do it again. It is easy, enjoyable and gives you the feeling of a total freedom.


By Jessica Luster / Nov 08 2021

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