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8 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen for the First-time Visitor

First time visiting Copenhagen? There is plenty to see and do in the capital of Denmark. Beautiful waterways, historical buildings and modern architecture, world-class restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and thousands of bikers - it’s hard to get bored in Copenhagen.

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7. Eat open-faced sandwiches in Frederiksberg

If you would like to try traditional Danish food in Copenhagen, 3 restaurants referred to as The Little Gardens are the place to go. The restaurants are in the area of Frederiksberg and back in the 1850s, they were used as picnic spots for families visiting Frederiksberg castle garden. Today each garden is a restaurant serving traditional Danish ‘smørrebrød’ (open-faced sandwiches) and classic warm dishes. With flowers and red and white checked table clothes, the outdoor restaurants are a cosy place to go for authentic Danish food on a sunny summer day.


8. Strøget

Strøget is one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe with its 1.1 km. You will find everything your shopping-heart desires; from high-end Danish design stores to budget-friendly chains. A great way to let out your inner child is to pay a visit to the LEGO store.

Strøget in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Strøget at Christmas time. Photo: Visit Denmark



By Josefine Lorange / Nov 08 2021

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