Midnight Sun

What is the Midnight Sun?

The midnight sun is a phenomenon that can be observed north of the arctic circle in the summer months. This is when the sun never sets.

When can we experience the Midnight Sun? 

In the period from April to August it is possible to see the sun at midnight or even for 24 hours. However, the Midnight Sun periods differ depending on the city or region:

Location Midnight Sun period
Arctic Circle June 12 - July 01
Svolvær/Lofoten Norway May 28 - July 14
Tromsø, Norway May 20 - July 22
North Cape, Norway May 14 - July 29
Longyearbyen, Svalbard Norway April 20 - August 22
Arjeplog, Sweden June 13 - July 28
Jokkmokk, Sweden June 09 - July 02
Gällivare, Sweden June 05 - July 06
Kiruna, Sweden May 29 - July 11


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