Luggage and clothing

What is the most appropriate type of luggage to bring?

If going on a self-guided tour by public transport we recommend bringing either a suitcase with wheels or a backpack as they are easier to transport. A backpack might be easier for you to transport as it is not as bulky as a suitcase. Each person is responsible for his/her luggage and must be able to lift it onto trains etc. We do offer luggage transport between Oslo and Bergen or vice versa which is a really nice way to fully enjoy a tour without having to take care of luggage.

Are there any luggage handling restrictions?

On our self-guided tours you are responsible for your own luggage. Please be sure to only take as much luggage as you can handle.

If booking a guided coach tour you are allowed one piece of luggage per person which will be safely stored under the bus during transport. In addition you are allowed one carry on/hand luggage.

We recommend checking with your airline if there are any luggage restrictions. 

What clothing should I bring on my trip?

We recommend comfortable shoes in addition to wind and water proof jacket. Even during the summer it might get a bit chilly in the mountain regions so it is a good idea to also bring a fleece jacket or similar. At the same time prepare for warm days and bring some shorts and t-shirts as well as your sunglasses and sunscreen.

If you are travelling during the winter we recommend dressing in layers, either in woolen or synthetic fabrics. Cotton and jeans are not recommended as it does not transport away perspiration and moisture from the body, thus making you too cold and wet. You should bring a "base layer" (long woolen or thermal underwear, a middle layer (woolen or fleece jacket or jumper) and an outer layer (scarf, hat, woolen socks, gloves, winter jacket). Additional clothing like a down jacket or a thick woolen jumper is useful as an extra garment at very low temperatures. Choose footwear that is somewhat larger than normal to allow space for socks and/or insoles. 

For both spring and autumn, be prepared for nice sunny days but also cold nights and some rain.

In general, a rather casual look is fine in Scandinavia. However, in case you wish to do fine dining you might want to bring some elegant clothing as well. Scandinavians enjoy dressing up when going out for dinner or to bars.

How do I need to prepare for an overnight at an Ice Hotel?

Winter outdoor clothing including an overall and boots is included in your stay at the Ice Hotel or Snow Hotel; they usually also provide warm gloves and hats but you might prefer using your own. We recommend wearing the overall over your own clothes as extra protection against the cold and for avoiding that your own clothes get damaged or dirty, especially during activities. 

In addition, we recommend bring the base and middle layer as described above.


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