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Money and payment

Will my credit cards work during my trip?

Most restaurants, hotels and shops will accept credit cards, but it is always a good idea to ask beforehand. Also public transport and taxis can usually be paid for by credit card. Not all places will accept AMEX though.

In The Baltics VISA and Master Cards are widely accepted in stores, restaurants and hotels.

Please be sure to bring your PIN code and a valid ID when using your card. The PIN is often required when using the card in shops and restaurants as well. 

We recommend informing your bank of your upcoming travels to prevent them from blocking your card on suspicion of fraud. 

Do I need to bring cash?

You can get local currency from ATMs, but please be aware that your bank might charge you a service fee and exchange rate fee for the transaction. The fee is however likely to be less than if you exchange money in your home country.

You will find ATMs in all cities and at the airports. Some smaller places, like e.g. Abisko in Northern Sweden, do not have an ATM, but you can still pay with credit card at the hotel and restaurants. 

Local currencies

Norway = Norwegian kroner (NOK)

Sweden = Swedish kronor (SEK)

Denmark = Danish kroner (DKK)  

Iceland = Icelandic krona (ISK)

Finland = Euro (EUR)

Estonia = Euro (EUR)

Latvia = Euro (EUR)

Lithuania = Euro (EUR)

The different currencies can generally not be used across the borders.

In Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, Euro and US Dollars might be accepted by bigger hotel chains but they are not commonly accepted. 


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