About partly guided tours

On our partly guided tours in Russia and the Baltics you have the freedom of travelling on your own combined with meeting qualified guides for sightseeing tours. Thus, you will get the most out of the places you visit. Please note that some tours to Russia are combined with Helsinki (no guiding included here).

On our partly guided tours in Scandinavia, such as our city breaks in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, you will be travelling with a group (max. 28 persons) but with no tour escort in each destination. Your group will meet qualified local guides for sightseeing tours and day excursions. In case the city breaks are combined with one another or combined with a guided coach tour, you will travel independently (without a group or a guide) by train or overnight cruise to the next destination.

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Frequently asked questions:


Is this a guided tour?

Russia and the Baltics

Our partly guided tours in Russia and the Baltics are partly independent and partly guided, meaning that you will not travel as part of a group nor with a guide for the entire trip. You will meet local guides for private sightseeing tours.


Our partly guided tours in Scandinavia are partly independent and partly guided, meaning that you will travel as part of a group (max. 28 persons) but with no tour escort for the entire trip. You will meet a representative of Wedo Nordic Robinson on your first day of the tour. In case the partly guided city breaks are combined to form a longer tour, you will meet a Wedo Nordic Robinson on each first day in each destination. You will meet local guides for group sightseeing tours the following days.

Will I meet a representative from Authentic Scandinavia during my trip?

Since we offer tours throughout the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Russia we do not have staff available to meet you in person during your travels with us. Please rest assured however that we are always available through phone and email during our office hours and through our emergency phone outside our office hours should you require any assistance during your travels.  

Is airport and hotel transfer included?

Russia and the Baltics

Airport and hotel transfers are only included. Transfers will be arranged to coincide with your flight arrival and departure times. You will be met at the airport or station by a representative/the driver who will assist you in finding the transfer vehicle.

In the case of delayed arrivals due to flight changes or other causes of which Authentic Scandinavia has not been informed in advance, Authentic Scandinavia is no longer responsible for providing the transfer. We regret that no refund can be given to customers who do not make use of the transfer offered in the tour program.

In addition to that, no hotel transfers are included in Helsinki for tours that are combined with Russia. Whenever possible we always include hotels that are located within short walking distance from the train station/ferry terminal/bus station/pier. In some cases, this is not possible due to availability or the distance between the ferry terminal and the central train station. In these cases, we include information in the travel documents on how you can find your way by public transport.


No airport transfer is included but you can book airport transfer as an additional service in advance or on spot; information on how to get from the airport to your hotel will be provided with the travel documents. It is very easy and convenient to get to and from the airport by public transport

How will I find the way?

We will provide you with a detailed travel itinerary, including information on how to get from the airport to your hotel, from your hotel to the train station, ferry terminal etc. We also provide exact details on how to change from one mode of transport to the other during your trip (from train to boat to bus etc.).

Will anyone take care of my luggage?

No luggage transport or assistance is included in the price; each person is responsible for his/her luggage. There is space for the luggage on board the different transports (one suitcase and one carry-on per person). During the included transfers, the drivers will be happy to assist with your luggage in and of the vehicle. 

What are the possible travel dates for this tour?

The partly guided tours in Russia and the Baltics can start any day of the week during the travel period. The partly guided tours in Scandinavia have fixed starting days but extra nights can be added.

What is included in the tour price?

An overview of the services included is specified for each tour (at the bottom of the tour page under “services included”).

Are all meals included in the tour price?

Breakfast buffet is included every day of the tour. For partly guided tours in Scandinavia, a welcome dinner (3 courses) on the first evening of the tour is included. In case the city breaks are combined to form a longer tour, a welcome dinner is included on each first evening in each city. Days on which lunch is included will be specified in the itinerary as well as under “services included” for each tour.

Can I add additional hotel nights?

Extra nights can be added when submitting the tour reservation through our website. For partly guided tours in Scandinavia, extra nights can only be added before and after the tour.

Extra nights before the start of the tour or after the end of the tour can also be added until the due date of the final payment by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Please note that there will be an amendment fee of EUR 50,- for adding extra nights and/or overnight experiences in the middle of the tour once the tour is confirmed. The amendment fee also applies if adding an extra night after you have received the travel documents

Can I exclude hotel nights?

For partly guided tours in Russia and the Baltics, we ask you kindly to specify in the “Please tell us” field should you wish to exclude any hotel overnights included in the tour when submitting the reservation through our website.

It is not possible to take out majority of the overnights included in the tour price. For tours including only 2 or 3 nights, no nights can be removed. No nights can be removed for the partly guided tours in Scandinavia.

To get the amended tour price please contact us through the request form during the online booking process or by sending an email to [email protected]

Can I get a senior discount on your tours?

We can unfortunately not offer any senior discount on the prices published on our website as our contracted rates with our suppliers can not be combined with any discounts.

What is the child reduction for the partly guided tours?

Russia and the Baltics

On our partly guided tours in Russia and the Baltics, there is normally a 30% child reduction when 1-2 children under the age of 12 years are sharing a room with two adults. To find the exact price for all travellers for a specific tour please enter a travel date, travelers, room type and hotel category.


The partly guided tours to Scandinavia are considered unsuitable for younger children, thus children under the age of 12 will not be accepted. Children between the ages of 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult (no child reduction).

Do I need a visa to visit Russia?

Most nationals require a visa to enter Russia. Please check with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your home country (they usually have detailed information on their website). Unless you combine your visit with business travel (which requires a special visa), a tourist visa is required.

When booking a tour to Russia through Authentic Scandinavia you will receive a visa invitation letter once you have paid the deposit. This visa invitation letter must be presented together with the other required documents when you apply for a visa at your nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate. The cost of the visa has to be covered by you.

The processing time for a visa varies from a couple of days to several weeks. You can find information on that on the website of the Embassy of the Russian Federation under the "processing time" section. There is the option to apply for an express visa if needed (additional costs will apply). Kindly ensure that all your documents are complete at the time of submission of your application in order to avoid any further delay or inconvenience. 

Do I need a visa to visit the Baltic states?

On arrival in one of the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), you must show a valid passport or other official document that satisfactorily establishes your identity and nationality. 

For some nationals a Schengen visa is required to visit the above countries. Please find further information on the following website: Visa for the Schengen area.

For full details about visa application procedures, visit your nearest respective Embassy or Consulate or their websites.

How and when will I receive my travel documents and tickets?

All travel documents will be sent by e-mail approximately one month before travel and after final payment is completed. For last minute bookings, we will send the travel documents as soon as possible after having received the full payment.

Included in the travel documents are a detailed travel itinerary, an address list, travel vouchers and/or e-tickets. You will receive a travel voucher and/or e-ticket for each service included in the package tour. These vouchers are your proof of payment and must be presented during your trip. 


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